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Web Trading Platforms in Forex Industry

Often, all Forex trading platforms have the same amenities as other platforms, but opinions are multiple, and objective standards can make a real difference. Operating, speed, user interface, tools and security will be the best choice among trading platforms. However, we should note that the concept of trading is all about making the right decisions in a timely manner, and this is the way and place available to online traders. Through the online trading application, you can easily fill in commands without installing any software.

Today we will take a look at the 3 most interesting trading platforms available for your browser.

Web version of the MetaTrader 4 platform

The web version of MT4 is a 1K Daily Profit online platform to access your MetaTrader trading account in real time via a web browser. The new version of the platform Metatrader 4 platform was waiting for many lovers of trading. Let us see together whether the functions and features match expectations.

MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 4 is known as a reliable and convenient trading platform. Thanks to its operational functionality, it has become one of the most popular platforms among experienced traders. Modern technology, rich functionality and a simple user interface allow transactions to be performed on the basis of technical and fundamental analysis of the market. But the current Web version on the Internet has excluded many old conveniences as it is in its initial version.

1K Daily Profit
1K Daily Profit

User interface – The MT4 web version contains an intuitive interface with some differences from the usual platform that you may be familiar with. The graph loads very quickly and does not require much data traffic. You will not have any problems when trading where the terminal works on the Internet without any errors.

What does it contain? – Those who have had to deal with the web version of the usual MT4 may find it completely empty. For example, you can use only 5 basic indicators: moving average, envelopes, Bollinger Bands, Momentum, and MACD. Fibonacci lines also included. However, MT4, for example, contains more than 50 technical indicators and the ability to customize your indicators, which are the built-in downloadable options in the MT4 platform, we can assume some resentment by MT4 enthusiasts. However, developers promised to add other technical indicators in the future.

The positive impression comes from having 3 options for the chart such as Japanese candlesticks, columns, and broken line. You will also have 9 time frames for accurate analysis. On the platform, you will find current market prices, trading currencies (from major pairs to exotic currencies), commodities, indices, CFDs, and Betcuen. In order to resume all of the above, we will separate the pros and cons:

Advantages of MT4 Web Station Version

A “Market Watch” window has a set of asset classes that are easy to search for
 “Click & Trade” option Market orders are executed through one or two mouse clicks
Ability to trade directly from the chart
A large number of financial instruments, although this depends on the trading broker
Easy to use intuitive design
Graphs of different time periods


Although it has many operational functions, it still needs some modification and change
There are a few technical indicators making them limited
Do not support trading advisors
You can not change interface settings

CTrader Web Station

CTrader Web Station is one of the latest technologies in online trading. 1K Daily Profit Designed to work with ECN-Accounts and combine sophisticated tools and features that meet the needs of both beginners and professionals from forex traders.

The options for the graph you’ll find on top of each chart are very intuitive. Which. :

6 levels of zoom option to see the deep and clear.
Chart templates option
The time frame option includes 14 different time frames
Option Chart type with 5 types of charts: Columns, Candles, HLC Diagram, Line, Hechi and Ashi.
In the middle of the drawing you will find the purchase and sale buttons and the size of the deal.
Indicators on the graph can be added by clicking the cursor menu. It is organized by gender and has sub-lists.
Use color settings where you can change the color of the graph and save it on your template templates templates.
The last graph mark at the top of the graph shows the list of things used, which shows you a list of all the things and indicators currently in use.
One of the useful tools is the Quick Transaction option. The Quick Transaction option is the setting that leads you to market orders with one or two clicks. Quick transaction settings are located at the top left of the platform in Quick Toolbar Options. The quick transaction is disabled by default, which means that clicking Buy or Sell will open the Market System window where you can confirm the status you wish to enter. After activating one-click mode, you can enter an order easily by choosing a size from the Market Watch window and then clicking Buy or Sell.

Chart Method – cTrader has many graph modes designed to meet different trading needs and market view. More precisely, there are 3 buttons to place the chart on the object toolbar:

1) Style Chart Multiplayer mode displays the multiple chart all open drawings in a fixed layout on the screen. You can swap graph positions by clicking and dragging from the upper left corner on any chart, but you can not change the graph sizes.

2) The one graph method works to expand the chart to fill the entire chart space on the platform. Then you can see the entire screen in each chart using the tabs at the top.

3) Free Chart Method All charts appear on a screen such as multiple chart mode, but you can resize them (as shown in the picture below).


ECN real price differences
Level II pricing – – Full market depth
One-click execution
Multiple command types


Charts and advanced technical analysis
You can trade reverse market without entering into the transaction
A wide range of trading tools (83 pairs of currencies in Forex, Metals)
More than 50 indicators with the possibility of combining them for optimal utilization, as well as the development of your own indicators
Quick access to the most traded instruments


It is very difficult to find flaws in cTrader Web, but for objectivity we can say that this platform has many characteristics. If you are a beginner, you may be overwhelmed by traffic jams, objects, buttons and other bells and whistles. In this way it may be difficult for you to actually focus on trading and graph analysis.

Web version of UTIP

UTIP is a relatively new web platform and is a great alternative to everything you’ve seen above. Beginners in Forex can enjoy their great advantages because they are simple and intuitive. Unlike MT4 Web, the web version of UTIP comes with a toolbar on the right side, making it easy to access. UTIP has a powerful technical analysis capability, a beautiful design and an easy to use interface.

Platform features

FOREX and Binary Options – UTIP is fully integrated into both Forex and FX and binary options. Trading in the same terminal is done on a single trading account. Both markets have the same tools and functions as arbicash.

User Interface – The platform has buttons conveniently positioned so that the trader can access any feature through the main window. This allows the trader to perform operations quickly when opening and closing positions, changing current trading positions, viewing reports, and more. Shortcut keys are great for speculators who can not enjoy such convenience with MT4.

Design – Modern dark colors look good on personal computers as well as on laptops, tablets, mobile devices. The dark design is not only stylish and trendy, but also comfortable. The bright color scheme is also available. It is suitable for traders with conservative views.

Technical Analysis – A complete set of technical analysis tools with multiple functions that meet the needs of any professional dealer. UTIP is the only port for the least time frame which is 5 seconds, maximum one year, which is a great advantage against MT4 or cTrader

Indicators – With UTIP, there is a large group (over 30). You can find indicators arranged in groups, and can be customized to meet individual needs. If you wish, you can add your cursor.

The terminal also has a drawing feature on the graph. It consists of 29 drawing elements. Including: fonts, channels, and other symbols. Giving greater freedom to the trader.

Disadvantages of UTIP

Although this platform is great for beginners, there are a few weaknesses:

Do not support automated trading
Lack of number of dedicated indicators
Few supported by trading brokers


There are few available third party trading platforms and it is often difficult to find the most appropriate. While MetaTrader 4 is a viable alternative as it is available, it is advisable to take a look at the alternative UTIP provider where it can offer more features. If you are an advanced trader, cTrader can be a very important option.

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Web Trading Platforms in Forex Industry
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