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Why is your blog essential to the success of your online store?

Having a blog that talks about your business has become a necessity for all merchants, especially online store owners. In today’s world, the Internet allows you to expand your business incredibly. Now, the user can find you a simple search by searching for your business name, and stay in contact with you until you do a business in the future.

Therefore, if your pages are not well archived by Google and the rest of the search engines, and are not updated regularly, I am afraid to tell you that you are definitely exposed to the loss of many transactions, as well as the loss of your business altogether.

In Lurn Virtual Summit post, I will show you 5 critical points that answer the most important question in this article: Why should you have a special blog for your business and how much will this move affect your business success significantly?

Of course, these points are the same as we are trying to achieve in the Digital Business Blog. Let’s look at them together:

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

1. Kill Google’s attention to archiving your pages through your blog

Keep in mind when your blog posts a page facing the audience that directly links to the home page of your site where you work. This will enable Google to locate these pages, and archive them as well. If you’re looking for success, you should focus on Google archiving all your blog pages and thus your site.

2. Type in topics related to your business and your company

The content on your blog should be a content of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat is cultured, that has the value of knowledge and awareness of the product of the rule you are dealing with visitors, it does not mean that you have a blog that you will completely emphasize the promotion of your company’s products and services. You should ignore the point of direct promotion of your products. You should also write in your blog about the topics related to the products and services provided by your company, their importance and effectiveness in the lives of visitors, how their lives were without them and how they became, and what addition can be made in this field of business for visitors .. This alone is adding real value To your blog.

For example, if your company offers website design and development services, you can talk about the benefits of having a website, the best means to own a website, what characteristics you need then when you have a website, and what are the best ways to own a site from your own creation and customization .. etc.

3. Do not talk about your products in the blog

LurnSummit is the basic and essential rule of an effective blog: talk about products / services, their features and features, but never talk about products produced by your company. Blogging is a way of writing about communicating and sharing information and knowledge with others, not for promoting products, or selling services. This is not to say that you can not sell at all on your blog – Joel Com and John Choo sell directly on their blogs – but it takes careful processing, high accuracy and a good reputation before you start, but generally If you smell from your blog the smell of promoting and selling personal products, you can rest assured that you will lose all your credibility and the confidence of your readers.

So put your focus in your blog on the purpose for which it was created, namely the transfer of knowledge and information, not sales.

4. Use the Call To Action buttons

To achieve more sales, entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers who are not focused on selling a product or service, are vulnerable to destroying their online business. Behind every reason for blogging you should put this goal in mind: create more deals and generate more sales, and you can prove it and support it by putting the call to action or CTO button in the right place of your blog page.

You can place the action call button at the bottom of the page, somewhere in the content, anywhere … so that the visitor is prompted to take a specific action.

You can achieve a good number of deals by making good use of the right places where you place the Call Action button.

5. Be consistent and consistent in your efforts

You should be consistent in your posts, consistent with your topics, on your blogging trip. Do not make blogging intermittent, or when there’s a launch of a new product and the like, but stick to blogging and blogging. If you are able to frequency yourself on two posts per week while maintaining the consistency of your topics and appointments – such as choosing on Sunday and Wednesday to publish the posts – timing coordination is implicitly consistent with the consistency of topics.

Thus, your blog as a merchant will always help you stay under the eyes of search engines, search results, all their updates and clear endeavors.

Lurn Summit professional blog plays an important role in attracting more customers, so you should always stay close to blogging related to your business, and enjoy more deals for your company.

As for the perfect solution to the work of a blog and a shop at the same time there is no doubt that WordPress comes to the summit undisputed.