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How do you create effective online marketing with Digital Cash Academy?

How do you create effective online marketing with Digital Cash Academy?

1. Focus on the target groups.

The first and most important advice about anything in e-marketing, because it is the basis of marketing is: If you do not know who to shop, who will shop? You should always look carefully and carefully for all the information available about your audience and target groups, their ages and hobbies, their place of residence, what they like and what they hate, what their interests are and what is the closest way to them, what kind of content they prefer, Information that will make the marketing process more effective.

To know who your audience is and your target audience, you are cutting off the bulk of the e-marketing process. It will make it easier for you to reach your audience and gain attention. In advertising, it is more important because the ad is shown to specific people. They are these people, your ad will not be fat or hunger, and vice versa when you study them well, your ads will appear to those interested and thus increase the rate of conversion increases revenues etc.

Digital Cash Academy
Digital Cash Academy

2-words have a special charm.

Words always affect people directly. Texts and words play an effective and influential role in all aspects of e-marketing because content and marketing is the foundation. You need to write a special ad copy that will affect who sees or reads this ad and compels it to take action towards This ad.

Writing texts is an art before anything. Make sure the text of the ad is clear, explicit, useful and distinctive. A declaration without a text and a direct and unique headline will be worthless and will not be reaped any fruits. The texts and words are the basis of the advertisements. Try to use words and phrases directly affecting the reader, show him the usefulness of your product in a few words and answer questions in his mind indirectly.

3 – visual form of advertising.

Appearance is one of the most important elements that can make your ad a successful and effective ad, showing your value proposition and the benefit of your ad in an elegant visual form, which is very important. I do not mean here the many annoying designs or the many colors that are scattered at all, what I mean is to maintain the visual form of the advertisement and not to distract the reader or viewer and away from the visual pollution and maintain the hierarchical visual hierarchy. Visual consistency can be in the form of character and writing of texts, in the colors that are determined based on the study of the psychology of the user or the person who will see the advertisement.

The visual form will help the viewer to act towards the advertisement and will directly affect the viewer’s psyche. An ad without an elegant appearance and a harmonious visual form is a declaration without spirit, and a declaration without a spirit, is a declaration without value.

4. Select “Call To Action”.

One of the things you should identify in your ad is to request the action that asks the reader or viewer to watch the ad immediately after viewing the ad and reading the text. If you advertise for a website, the verb you want to advertise is to access the site. To do so, please log in to the application page or download the application and so on.

Determining the desired or desired action from the reader or viewer as soon as you see the ad makes it much easier for you to measure the effectiveness of a simple algorithm by identifying the number of people who saw the ad and the number of people who already wanted to download the app or access Site, so you know how much your conversion rate (CR) is, which tells you a lot about your ad’s effectiveness.

5. Choose the most appropriate method.

In the world of e-marketing there are multiple ways and plans you can choose from, and there are different types of advertising such as re-targeting and others. Always try to find the most appropriate way to create an effective ad. It is important to choose the Digital Cash Academy methods of payment and accounting as well, for example, in Facebook ads there are different payment plans and methods, there is a pay-per-click method and there is also a method of payment per 1,000 people (CPM). Choosing the most appropriate method comes at the very beginning of your creation steps, which is of course very important.

6. Without numbers and analyzes, you’re nothing.

There is a famous saying in shopping: “If you can not measure well, you can not manage.” Without constant tracking of numbers and statistics, analyzing, editing and testing all aspects of your ad here and there, you will not be able to create an effective ad at all, and like a person who walks and does not know where he is going, he can not determine his position and how this position can be developed. Statistics and figures make all aspects of the advertisement in your eyes, you can know the effectiveness of the advertisement and its success and the interaction of the viewer with him, etc.

You can not go on to create a successful and effective online marketing on the Internet without constant tracking and continuous measurement of all results and try to use the statistics and analysis numbers to develop the effectiveness of the ad and how to interact with it. Try to set specific standards and criteria that can test the success Your ad and its spread

7. Choose the best advertising platform for you.

There are dozens of platforms that allow you to create an ad on the Internet. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others, as well as Google Adwords, are the most popular platforms. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages, as well as serving certain categories better than other categories. You can also create your ad directly by requesting Digital Cash Academy Scam from a site where you’d like to place your ad, or to sign up for an ad store like a classified ad store.

Determining which ad platform you want to place your ad on is very important, based on the plan you choose and the options that each platform gives you. What is best for you and your advertising There are specialized platforms in re-targeting ads only, And so on. The selection of the advertising platform must be done with great care and professionalism. In the Arab world, most advertisers turn to the social networks and Google Adsense, and the next one comes with strong ads.